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Press Releases
One of the advantages of living in so many places is that I’ve called them all “home” at one time or another.  For press releases pertinent to your area, let me know where you’re writing from, and I’ll send you a nostalgic look back.

Born: 1956
Denver, Colorado
Moved 1958 to
Great Falls, Montana
Moved 1960 to
Dayton, Ohio
Moved 1961 to
London, England
Moved 1964 to
Orlando, Florida
Moved 1966 to
Athens, Georgia

Moved 1970 to
Youngstown, Ohio
Moved 1974 to
Oxford, Ohio
Moved 1978 to
Chicago, Illinois
Moved 1982 to
New York, New York
Moved 1983 to
Charlottesville, VA
Moved 1990 to
Boston, M A

Moved 1992 to
Keene, NH
Moved 1992 to
Phoenix, Arizona
Moved 1998 to
Oxford, England
Returned 1999 to
Phoenix, AZ
Moved 2001 to
Tallahassee, FL | Penguin, USA, July 2005